The Great MiniBar Challenge: MixoLogy

04:15 PM Jay Peak

How many hours of human potential are wasted by standing in front of a refrigerator, trying to figure out what kind of ingredients can pair together to create a meal? For folks who travel, the end of a day at work is often brought to a crashing halt as you stare sadly into your hotel’s minibar, trying to figure out a nightcap from the odd assortment of tiny bottles on the shelf. What if there was a mobile app that could intelligently scan the bottles and use machine learning with a custom trained model to suggest for you the World’s Greatest Minibar Cocktail? What if that app was written using NativeScript-Vue, and the training was done using TensorFlow? In this talk, we’ll learn how to create a native mobile app using Vue.js, and how to integrate TensorFlow custom models, creating a truly custome experience. Join me as we walk through the creation of MixoLogy, sampling an original creation concocted for you via machine learning, based on a scan of a minibar. One more of life’s little problems, solved through technology.