Flying in the Clouds (aka “Keeping up with Redmond”)

12:20 PM Washington

You’re busy getting stuff done, and that’s awesome. The many Azure engineering teams at Microsoft are getting stuff done, too, which is also awesome. But how do you stay great at what you do by learning about the new stuff, too? Your session host (Chris Bowen) has what is now (to him) a surprising number of years around and, for the last 12.5 years, inside Microsoft, and wants to lend a hand. In this brief session, we’ll tour the ways to learn about Azure (and more) by watching, reading, and doing. We’ll look at the ways to hear the latest news, features, and programs, find online and in-person events, learn best practices and tips, and connect with various teams and people at Microsoft. Things move quickly in the cloud, but you can jet along, too.