Boston Code Camp 32 - November 2019
Time Adams
Seats 70
Seats 70
Seats 67
Seats 26
Bretton Woods
Seats 18
Seats 18
Jay Peak
Seats 18
Seats 14
8:00 AM Check-in and Coffee
8:20 AM Welcome Session
9:00 AM How to Create Fewer Defects: Results...
Larry Spencer
What's new in C# 8
Jesse Liberty
Real Life Cross-Platform Mobile Apps...
David Platt
Programming for Machine Learning in...
Jay Liu
Microsoft's Power Platform: no code...
David Lozzi
Containerization For Software Developers
Joel Lord
10:15 AM Even smarter chat bot with ML.NET
Veronika Kolesnikova
What's New In Entity Framework Core 3.0?
Richard Crane
DevOps with ASP.NET Core, EF Core, &...
Benjamin Day
Uno - One Platform to Rule Them All
Kenzie Whalen
An AI Powered Decision Support...
Michael Griffin
Intelligent Document Classification:...
Bhakthi Liyanage
Deploy Your .NET Core Web API on as...
Craig Bossie
Migrating older versions of SQL to...
Paresh Motiwala
11:30 AM Getting started with Xamarin Essentials
Nathan Westfall
Get Git in 30 minutes
Jesse Liberty
Introduction to Xamarin Forms Shell
Chris Miller
Adaptive Cards: the new light-weight UI
Bob German
Build a provisioning tool for all...
Junqi Zhang
Knowledge Mining with Azure Search
Udaiappa Ramachandran
Nailing Second Round of Interviews
Paresh Motiwala
12:00 PM Lunch
12:20 PM Real World IoT Discussions
James Pansarasa , Richard Crane
Cyber Security 101
Patrick Hynds
1:00 PM Chaos Engineering in .Net
Bryan Hogan
graphQL : 5 easy pieces for API...
Victor Chan
Xamarin.Forms Localization
Chris Miller
Scale your API quickly using Message...
Nathan Westfall
Going Independent
Jason Haley
1:45 PM Introduction to WebAssembly with C#
Jim Wilcox
Quantum Computing First Principles
Patrick Hynds
Azure SQL Managed Instances - A...
Chris Seferlis
What do I choose? REST or gRPC
James Pansarasa
Kubernetes (Hell’s) Kitchen
Joel Lord
Lightning Talks - Intune, Kanban,...
Anil Galloway , Bryan Garson , Georgios Yianasmidis , Julien Santos , Ron Krawitz
Keeping Configuration Secrets Out Of...
Bob Crowley
If you use Azure, you must learn...
Taiob Ali
3:00 PM Introduction to Microsoft Bot...
Bob German
Non-Useless Unit Testing for EF Core...
Benjamin Day
Refactoring Techniques for Legacy Code
Ethan Strominger
Using K6 to Test My gRPC Services…Or...
Dave Davis
Infrastructure as Code with TerraForm
Daniel Colon
JAMming out with Static Site...
Kyle Mitofsky , Zeke Farwell
Distributed Caching Patterns in...
Mesut Celik
Building AI Powered Biometric...
Bhakthi Liyanage
4:15 PM Bot in an Hour
Jim Wilcox
Postman Delivers! A Deep Dive into...
Bob Crowley
Azure Databricks... what makes it...
Chris Seferlis
Containerless Cloud Transformation...
Yev Bronshteyn
Microsoft Graph Up Close and Personal
Jim O'Neil
New features in Management Studio --...
Taiob Ali
Web-UI Automated Testing on Azure...
Michael Mintz
5:20 PM Closing Session (MPR combined)