Migrating older versions of SQL to SQL 2017/19 or Azure: A technical approach

This session was conducted for PASS and Microsoft on June 9th, 2019. Want to get off of older versions of SQL Server and go to SQL 2017 or SQL 2019? Then this session is just what the doctor would order for you! This presentation is a part of the event "Modern Data Tour" organized by PASS. In this session we will cover: 1. Is it right time to upgrade? 2. How do you certify your database? The advantages and disadvantages of all of them. 3. DB behavior under various compatibility levels 4. Differences between deprecated and discontinued functionality 5. Simplified Upgrade Process using three of best F R E E tools by Microsoft: a. Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit(MAP) b. Database Migration Assistant (DMA) c. Database Experimentation Assistant (DEA) 6. After this, we will also cover steps you can take after the migration is over. 7. We will also take a look at the features of Query Tuning Assistant We will end the sessions with Q&A. If there is enough demand we can have a separate session on demo of each of the tools mentioned herein