Lightning Talks - Intune, Kanban, Google Play Protect, Apple App Security

Moderator: Ron Krawitz Anil Galloway: Intune - An Enterprise Mobility Management Tool Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based enterprise mobility management tool that helps businesses manage employees’ mobile devices that have access to corporate data. This talk discusses some of the more important features that are available with Intune including Wi-Fi, virtual private network profiles, and configuring mobile devices. Bryan Garson: Building Projects with Kanban Kanban is a widely used process/methodology for agile software development. This talk will acquaint you with what Kanban is and provide a general overview the Kanban process. You will also learn the three rules of Kanab, see a Kanban board, learn how teams use the Kanban board, and learn about a few popular Kanban tools Julien Barbosa-Santos: How Google Play Protect Adds To App Security Google Play Protect shields Android Phones from most malicious content. Google Play Protect is a Malware protection service that is built into The Android App Store and all Android phones. This service uses Google’s machine learning algorithms to detect, isolate, and remove malware. It continuously provides protection to the user’s data, apps, and devices, as well as automatically scanning the user’s devices to ensure they have the latest mobile security. Applications are scanned when installed and are periodically scanned in the background. Along with the malware detection, Google play protect provides two other key features that are beneficial to the users; Find My Device tool and the Safe Browsing feature. Georgios Yianasmidis: Apple App Store Application Security The Apple App Store uses AI to scan every app submitted to the store to find malicious content. This service detects malicious content and prevents apps contains that content from being available in the Apple App Store.