JAMming out with Static Site Generators: Web development made awesome

Session Materials:

Static Site Generators offer amazing performance in a simplified development workflow that focuses on the basics: HTML, CSS, & JS. So what exactly are they, what can they do? This talk will start by figuring out where Static Site Generators (SSG) fit in the current and historical context of web development. And how SSG sites compare to other strategies like traditional server render apps or client-side single page applications and what tradeoffs are inherent to each strategy. We’ll make the case for a simpler, faster, and more resilient set of tools using static hosting and known (somewhat strangely) as the JAMstack. We'll then walk through every step of creating, building, and deploying a static website with a live demo to show what an excellent developer experience this stack provides. This talk is for you whether you’re building your first website or your fifteenth. SSG is a strategy, not an opinionated framework, so bring all your old skills and friends to the party if you’d like, but also join us if you’re just getting into a web development for a low cost entry point to building fantastic websites.