Micro User Interfaces: Breaking Up Another Enterprise Monolith

03:00 PM Cranmore

We have all been hearing about or working with microservice architecture for a number of years now. Those companies that made the move have reaped the benefits of breaking up the monolith into smaller distributed and highly decoupled services. We have improved maintainability, improved responsiveness to the business, improved testability, eased deployments, decreased downtimes, improved fault tolerance among many other improvements. In many ways, this shift has changed for developers, businesses and architects what we do and how we do it. The next step in this evolution is to break up the user interface monolith and reap these same benefits in user interface development. Many of the lessons learned from working with microservices can be applied to micro user interfaces but also bring challenges in how to align teams and how to approach the decomposition of existing user interfaces. In this talk, we will discuss advantages and disadvantages of micro user interfaces. We will look at how the move to microservices and micro user interfaces differ. We will look at several use cases where the move to micro user interfaces can especially be good for the enterprise. We will also look at several approaches about how to break up the user interface “monolith”, discuss security approaches, implementations for micro user interface architectures and end by a look ahead (maybe make some wild guesses unencumbered by reason or rational thought) to where these changes across the enterprises will bring us.