Boston Code Camp 34 - Sessions Submitted

coming Saturday, April 29, 2023

Sessions as of Wednesday, 3/29/2023 7:41 AM ET

We are accepting proposals for 30 and 60 minute sessions. See our Submission Guidelines for additional information.

The following sessions have been submitted, though sessions submitted are not guaranteed to be presented. The final selection of sessions for the event will occur shortly after the session submission period closes.

TitleSession Length
Azure SQL DB Backups - Isn't Microsoft taking care of that? 30 minutes
Finding Frank - A Look at using the Spotify API 30 minutes
Going Independent 30 minutes
Introduction to Homomorphic Encryption 30 minutes
Selling your software solutions on the Azure Marketplace 30 minutes
Unlock the Power of ChatGPT: API Integration in 10 minutes 30 minutes
.NET MAUI for Xamarin.Forms Programmers. 60 minutes
A deep dive into browser automation on Edge, with Python! 60 minutes
A look at Azure Container Apps 60 minutes
Advanced .NET MAUI 60 minutes
Advancing Your Threat Modeling Approaches in an Agile / DevOps World 60 minutes
Analyzing Azure Monitor Log data for Azure Resources 60 minutes
Assisted Computing™ Apps for Seniors, Using Azure and MAUI 60 minutes
Automate My Kubernetes Deployment 60 minutes
Browser Native: Unleashing the power of modern web browsers 60 minutes
Building 2D games with Construct 60 minutes
Building Secured and Scalable IoT solution with Azure SQL database 60 minutes
Deploying Machine Learning Models with FastAPI and Docker 60 minutes
Find data with Azure Cognitive Search 60 minutes
How to Fix a Failing Project 60 minutes
How to Keep a Secret with Azure Key Vault 60 minutes
Managing App Configuration with Azure Configuration 60 minutes
Modernize to Optimize: Bringing your legacy .NET applications into the future. 60 minutes
OAuth, OpenID Connect & .NET – the Good Parts 60 minutes
Post Quantum Encryption 60 minutes
Realtime Analytics Unleashed: Unlocking the Potential of Data at Scale 60 minutes
Revolutionizing Client App Development in Healthcare with GraphQL and FHIR 60 minutes
Securing SPAs and Blazor Applications using the BFF (Backend for Frontend) Pattern 60 minutes
Transitioning your T-SQL skills to Spark SQL 60 minutes
Unit Testing Concepts for Beginners 60 minutes
Unleashing the Power of Rust: A Beginner's Guide to Crafting High-Performance Code 60 minutes
Using ChatGPT to Write Code 60 minutes
Words for Leaders 60 minutes