Session Submission Guidelines

Code Camp is open to all levels of speaker from novice to pro, and we encourage a diversity of speakers and topics.

Speakers can submit multiple sessions, though in the recent past, we’ve generally accepted only one session per speaker given the # of available slots and the number of submissions.

This Spring (2023) we will be at the Microsoft Sales & Technology Center (address below.) We will have more information about the total number of session rooms in the coming weeks.

We strongly encourage you to tailor your session for the time slot length (i.e. plan your presentation for a running time of 30 or 60 minutes depending on what you submit).

A 30 minute session should have a narrower focus than a 60 minute session. Don't try to cram content from a 60 minute session into 30 minutes. It won't work and will be a disservice to your audience. Either select the first half of the content or a subset of the most important points. A 30 minute session requires concise and well thought out content to be effective. Always practice your session to get a perspective on how long the presentation will take.


Q: Will I be introduced, or introduce myself?
A: You will introduce yourself.

Q: Do I need to bring my own computer?
A: Yes

Q: Is a network connection available?
A: We will have more information about WiFi in the coming weeks.

Q: What connections are available for the projectors?
A: We will have more information about projectors in the coming weeks.

Q: Will there be a speaker room?
A: Yes, and we will have more information about the speaker room in the coming weeks.