Boston Code Camp 36 - Sessions Submitted

coming Saturday, Mar 23, 2024

Sessions as of Tuesday, 2/20/2024 10:59 PM ET

We are accepting proposals for 30 and 60 minute sessions. See our Submission Guidelines for additional information.

The following sessions have been submitted, though sessions submitted are not guaranteed to be presented. The final selection of sessions for the event will occur shortly after the session submission period closes.

TitleSession Length
.NET MAUI with GitHub Actions or Azure DevOps 30 minutes
Build healthcare solutions with Azure Health Data Services 30 minutes
Demystifying Generative AI 30 minutes
Enhancing .NET Applications: Mastering Observability with OpenTelemetry 30 minutes
TypeScript for JavaScripties 30 minutes
Advancing Your Threat Modeling Approaches in an Agile / DevOps World 60 minutes
Azure OpenAI design patterns for software engineers 60 minutes
Beyond coding: communicate as an engineering leader 60 minutes
Building AI-Driven Apps Using Semantic Kernel 60 minutes
Building APIs with .NET 60 minutes
Event Centric 60 minutes
Everybody Has a Story to Tell: Developing Your First Presentation 60 minutes
Extend Copilot for Microsoft 365 with your line of business apps and data 60 minutes
Functional Programming in C# 60 minutes
Getting Started with .NET Aspire 60 minutes
Getting Started with Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) 60 minutes
How to Keep a Secret with Azure Key Vault 60 minutes
How to program with an AI assistant 60 minutes
Imposters! faking endpoints over-the-wire 60 minutes
Journey into Generative AI, Building Your Own AI Copilot 60 minutes
Lets Dive Into SQL Server I/O To Improve T-SQL Performance 60 minutes
RAG With Azure Machine Learning Prompt Flow 60 minutes
Real-time Healthcare Analytics 60 minutes
Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) power by Azure AI Search 60 minutes
Scrum Trek: The Next Generation – Warp Speed with Flow Metrics 60 minutes
Securing your AI LLM, infrastructure, and RBAC oh my! 60 minutes
Test Containers for .NET 60 minutes