About Boston Code Camp 19 - Presenters

held in March 2013

There were 21 presenters at CC19.

Senior Developer and Consultant with BlueMetal Architects, based in Watertown,MA, having worked with all versions and aspects of SharePoint, also in correlation with regular .NET development, SQL & BI, web development, etc.

Bill Wilder is a hands-on developer, architect, consultant, trainer, speaker, writer, and community leader focused on helping companies and individuals succeed with the cloud using the Windows Azure Platform. Bill began working with Windows Azure... More

Bob German is SharePoint Practice Director at BlueMetal Architects, where he leads the development and deployment of SharePoint solutions for enterprise customers. Bob has been developing on the SharePoint platform since it was called “Site Server”,... More

Bob Ohlheiser is a senior architect and software engineer based in Hartford, CT. He has developed a wide range of systems for a diverse client base while operating the software engineering and consulting firm R. J. Ohlheiser, Inc. for the past twenty... More

Chris Bowen is a Principal Technical Evangelist with Microsoft, based in the Boston area and specializing in Windows 8 and game development. An architect and developer with over 19 years in the industry, he joined Microsoft after holding senior... More

Dennis H Doire started programming in 1983; he's worked for fortune 500s such as Microsoft and IBM, as well as for startups such as Silknet and Dealer Dot Com.

Frank Wu is a software development consultant with experience in .NET and C++.

I have been developing .NET applications for 5+ years and have a background based in C and assembly. My focus is on creating quality software using the .NET framework. My current work is developing custom business applications utilizing SQL Server,... More

Jason Stehle is a software developer, business analyst, and UX designer with over 17 years of experience. He is currently developing a suite of JavaScript libraries to help non-programmer-types do awesome-programmer-type stuff. He plies his trade at... More

Jesse Liberty is a Technical Evangelist for Telerik, an author and he creates courses for Pluralsight. Liberty hosts the popular Yet Another Podcast and his blog is required reading. He was a Senior Evangelist for Microsoft, a Microsoft MVP,... More

Jim is a Technology Evangelist for Microsoft who covers the Northeast District, namely, New England and upstate New York. He is focused on engaging with the development community in the area through user groups, code camps, BarCamps,... More

John Bowen is a Lead Software Engineer with InterKnowlogy. In this role he both develops software and provides technical leadership for large scale projects with larger teams, usually in the areas of WPF and related XAML technologies. These include... More

John is a Senior Consultant at Wintellect and has been developing software professionally since the 1990’s. Prior to consulting, he spent much of his career working on high-performance video and statistical analysis tools for premier sports teams, with... More

Julie Lerman is a Microsoft MVP, .NET mentor and consultant who lives in the hills of Vermont and is the leader of the Vermont.NET User Group. You can find Julie presenting on Entity Framework and other Microsoft .NET topics at user groups and... More

Marshall's torrid relationship with programming started as a child using BASIC on a Commodore PET computer in the 70's. He continued programming through high school, but did not study Computer Science in college. At the time, compilers would fail... More

Muhammad has been serving the Microsoft Enterprise Development world for more that 8 years. During this time he has worked in public sector, marketing and advertising & banking and finance industries. He is a recipient of Microsoft Community... More

Rachel Reese is a long-time software engineer and math geek with a moving habit. She's recently relocated to the lovely Burlington, VT, where she started the local functional programming user group, @VTFun. She's also an ASPInsider, a community... More

Udaiappa Ramachandran (Call me Udai) currently working as a Chief Architect at Ektron, Inc., I have over 14 years of experience working on a wide variety of software projects and products. Interesting to learn new technologies and helping companies to... More

Usha is a Tech Lead and an evangelist for new technologies that add value and balance to both the developers and the product. She has over a decade of experience in building large scale systems and working across the entire web stack from frontend... More

Will Klein is a web developer currently working at Travelers in Hartford, CT. He focuses mostly on JavaScript application development and front-end MV* framework design. He has worked on web applications since 2006, developing full-stack, working... More