About Boston Code Camp 21 - Presenters

held in June 2014

There were 21 presenters at CC21.

Bill Wilder (Principal Cloud Architect for Development Partners Software Corporation) is a hands-on developer, architect, consultant, trainer, speaker, writer, and community leader focused on helping companies and individuals succeed with the cloud... More

Bob is an independent software consultant and lead organizer for Boston Code Camp.

Casey has been developing software and programming since he was a kid covering a wide range of technologies, platforms and services. Throughout all this his passion for security and hacking everything in sight, has remained and has fortunately... More

Chris is a technology consultant that provides system architecture, software development, mentoring, and technical training for website and mobile device application development. Chris founded iDevTech in 1986 and has implemented technology solutions... More

Dan Hermes is a sought-after speaker and advisor to dozens of software-building organizations, including Fidelity Investments, EDS, Blue Cross Blue Shield, TJX, and Computerworld Magazine. Specializing in mobile development and strategy, Mr. Hermes has... More

Frank wears many hats and is presently focusing on developing enterprise applications using Microsoft technologies. His unique expertise is delivering business applications with high quality architecture and user experience.

Frederic Torres, started writing code on MS-DOS 2.0 and has worked on most of the mainstream Microsoft techonolgies since then, in Europe and ended up in Massachusetts in 1998. His software fLogViewer made it to the "Scott Hanselman's Ultimate... More

Jason Haley is an Independent Consultant who lives on the North Shore of Boston. His main focus is on delivering business solutions using Microsoft technologies. He has been using Microsoft technologies (especially web) since 1998. For the past two... More

Jeremy, a Senior Developer at Ontuitive, has been developing line of business applications for 15 years primarily in the Microsoft Stack. He has a passion for writing clean, scalable code and sharing what he has learned with other.

Jesse Liberty is a Master Consultant for Falafel Software, a Microsoft MVP, a Telerik MVP, an author, and he creates courses for Pluralsight. Liberty hosts the popular Yet Another Podcast and his blog is considered required reading. He was a Senior... More

By day, Jim Wooley is a consultant for Slalom Consulting, In his free time, Jim is a frequent speaker, INETA Regional Speaker, MVP, and author of "LINQ in Action". He is always striving to stay at the forefront of technology and enjoys the thrill of a... More

John is a web developer with 8+ years of experience working with .NET and front-end technologies. Professionally he focuses on building websites utilizing ASP.NET CMS'. On the side he is the co-founder of the indie game studio Frag Castle Games.

John has twenty-five years of data processing and project management experience. His expertise encompasses all phases of the project life cycle, including design, development, implementation, and maintenance of systems. He is currently a Senior... More

Karl is a software Consultant with Slalom Consulting in the Greater Boston Area. He has 5 years experience developing on Microsoft technologies and has been active in the development community since he moved to the Boston Area 2 years ago. When... More

Kyle Mitofsky currently serves as the Software Development Team Technical Lead at the Vermont Department of Health. He enjoys reading code, writing code, talking about code, and answering questions about code from co-workers and anonymous internet... More

Larry Spencer has been developing on Microsoft platforms since 1986, as a programmer, manager, consultant and teacher. An engaging speaker, he has presented at Code Camps, The Architect Factory and frequently at Tech Briefs for his company. He has also... More

Lori Renaldi is an independent consultant focused on penetration testing and cyber security. She is a recent graduate from DeVry University and has her BS in Computer Engineering Technology. She specializes in wireless access penetration testing and... More

Mark Lassoff 's parents frequently claim that Mark was born to be a programmer. Starting, in the mid-eighties at age 11, Mark was hard at work on his Commodore 64 writing games in the BASIC language. Today, Mark is a publisher, top technical trainer... More

Michael Cummings is a Technical Evangelist with Microsoft. He has experience as a developer and architect with concentrations in app development, infrastructure design & deployment and business process as it relates to technology. He is an MVP and... More

Pat Tormey MS MVP New Hampshire .Net Seacoast (Portsmouth) User Group Leader Frequent speaker at MS Events and all round nice guy

I have been coding professionally for more than 7 years, that's 1 dog year for the animal lovers. I am a Senior Software Developer at Clarus Marketing Group, and I work on a variety of technologies all centered around the .NET framework, with a deep... More