Boston Code Camp 33 (Cancelled) was held in June 2020
at Microsoft New England Sales & Technology

BCC33 was Cancelled

Boston Code Camp 33 was cancelled.

Given the realities of the coronavirus, Boston Code Camp 33, which had been rescheduled for June 2020, was cancelled.

We hope all of you were safe and did your part to support the larger community and get through the troubling times.

Knowing that a big part of Boston Code Camp is the connections people make, we hope you were able to reach out to your friends and colleagues from Boston Code Camp and stay in touch.

We are thankful for all of you who had offered to speak, and the companies who had planned to sponsor the event, as well as to those of you who planned to attend.

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Why Attend the Code Camp?

(Apart from it being a great event that's free to attendees...)

Learn From The Best

Come hear from the best regional and local speakers, including Microsoft DEs and MVPs!

Improve Your Skillset

Become a better developer by learning from our talks.


With developers, designers, and companies all attending, it is your chance to meet the best people in the community all at once.


Some of the best local companies come to this event looking to fill their most important roles.